About Us

Abacus Driving Academia is a Ministry approved BDE course provider that was established with many goals in mind. We always think of being different and special in the goals we are achieving.

 Our major goal is to take part in bringing as many defensive and fuel-efficient drivers to our community as possible. Simply, we can refund you the money you pay for your training in the first year by teaching you how to save 30% of gas when you drive,  be a defensive driver and able to avoid any collision and we also teach you some minor mechanical issues to save the money you pay for mechanics unnecessarily. Get the training you deserve and never call one of those unlicensed and uninsured instructors to give you a two-hour training on the test route, You will end up with traffic tickets, demerit points, high insurance rates, more gas consumption, vehicle damage and unfortunately loss of life. We always recommend new drivers to ask driving instructors for their Driving Instructor’s License.

This is what we offer:

  • Basic driving skills.
  • Highway & city driving.
  • Driving in stressful situations.
  • Road test preparation.
  • Road test car rental.
  • Driver Improvement Course. ( DIC )
  • Defensive Driving Course. ( DDC )

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Basic Package

Premium Package

Supreme Package

DDC/DIC Package













30.00 G2
35.00 G




Weekend Schedulle

Saturdays & Sundays
09:30 am – 2:45 p.m

A student can choose any weekend

package by arranging that with the school

Weekdays Schedulle

Weekdays ( 5 Days )
05:00 p.m – 09:00 p.m

All evening packages start on

Mondays and end on Fridays

Schedules are subject to change. Please confirm with administration.

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Contact Us

Call: 647 500 0027

Email: info@abacusdriving.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is Abacus Driving Academia a certified school?

Yes, the school is completely certified. Our school is an MTO Approved BDE Course Provider. Check the MTO Website for the list of schools.
  2- What is the Beginner Driver Education Course?
 It is an MTO approved course for beginner drivers. It should cover 40 hours of training as follows: 20 hours in class, 10 hours in vehicle and 10 hours as homework to be completed before the course ends. After graduation, you can apply in any of Service Ontario Centres to obtain a Driver’s Licence History which shows your successful completion of the BDE Course.
  3- How does Abacus offer the BDE course?
We always try hard to make every work convenient to our students. We offer the BDE course in three (3) schedules.
  a- Students may attend 2 weekends – Saturdays & Sundays – 5 hours/day 
  b- Students may attend 4 consecutive days – 5 hours/day – and this is only during  holidays, March break, and summer.
  c- Students may attend  5 consecutive days in the afternoon between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm.
  4- Why should I take the BDE Course?
 The most important part is the knowledge you acquire which will certainly help you be a good driver with great skills and attitude. It will help you save your life and the lives of others. Additionally, the one-year waiting period after you obtain the G1 licence will be reduced to eight (8) months. After graduation, you can visit any Service Ontario or Online and get a DHL ( Driver’s License History ) which shows your BDE Course completion successfully. The DLH is your proof that you successfuly completed the BDE course and that may help you be eleigible to an insurance discount.
As said, the main objective of the course is to make our roads safe and save lives.

   5- Can I start the course without my G1?
Yes, you can. In addition, we have a special program to give training for the knowledge test to obtain the G1 and it is free if you choose the hassle-free package.
  6- Do you pick me up from home and take me to the drive test centre for testing?
Yes we do. You will not pay any fees of any kind if you choose the hassle-free package. We will arrange transportation    from home to the drive test centre and pay all the fees for you for unlimited number of times.

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