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Summer Driving

Is it right that winter driving is more dangerous than summer? Read to know

As you all know that more deaths and injuries occur on Ontario roads during summer than at any other time of the year because the number of kilometeres people travel in summer is so much higher than in winter. People drive to further places for vacation, visit their families or drive for a one-day long trip.As people are prepared to drive slowly in the snow time, they are mentaly prepared to drive faster in summer. People drive more aggressively in summer than in winter thinking roads are safer for fast driving.There are many other reasons to mention here:
1- Tires are more likely to blow out in the heat.
2- Cars may catch fire due to engine or tire overheating.
3- People sleep late and always drive with fatique. Faique is an impairment.
4- Coolant evaborates due to the heat and may lead to engine failure.
5- Kids or pets may die of dehydration if kept in the car when doors and windows are closed. Many real stories occured in Canada.

Be Well-prepaired for The Hot Season

1-Always check fluid levels in your vehicle.Coolant is the most imporatant. Add coolant if needed.
warning: Do not open the radiator cap while the engine is hot. You either wait until the engine cools down or add the coolant to the reservoir.
2- Check your tires. Make sure they are properly inflated. over-invalted tires are more likely to blow out in the heat.Change your tires if they have cracks or any other damage. Use summer or all season tires. winter tires are not recommended.
3- Always keep cool water in your vehicle. water in summer is highly recommended specially when you have to stand out under the sun for a long period of time in case your vehicle breakes down.
4- Never lock a pet or a kid in a parked car under the sun. This will lead to death.
5- If your car overheats, pull over and stop far from the roadway for your safety. If there is no place to stop, turn on the heat to the maximum speed so that engine will cool down a bit and give you more time to drive.

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